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Alas, Library closing nixes Good Humor Day

Due to the continued closing of the library to restore water damaged areas, the Community Room will not be re-opened in time for the previously scheduled Good Humor Day Program on February 28. We encourage everyone to keep a good sense of humor and we'll look forward to sharing clown joy at a future time.

Some pictures from a previous Good Humor Day are posted   here.

Keeping the "Happy" in Happy Valley:


Welcome! We are a chapter of the World Clown Association bringing joy and laughter to central Pennsylvania and beyond.

Founded in the year 2000, we clown wherever a funny bone needs to be tickled or a smile brought to a child or adult.

You'll find us clowning for businesses and organizations, in hospitals and nursing homes, in churches and throughout the community.

Our hospital clowns regularly visit the Mount Nittany Medical Center.  While we live in central Pennsylvania, we have taken our clown shoes around the country and the world. 

Each February, we host a community "Good Humor Day"performance at Schlow Centre Region Library.

We invite you to join us at our monthly meetings in the Therapeutic Recreation Room of Brookline Nursing Home in State College.